Foreclosure Data through end of April 2013

Here is the Foreclosure Data through the end of April 2013. You can print, post to your website, save, or email this chart to your clients!

Here is the take away!

1. Active Notices of trustee sale for residential properties as of the end of April 2013 were 9,194 units. Down from last month of 8,534. Down from the all time high of December ’09 of 47,606.

2. Residential Foreclosures were at their all time high in March 2010 at 5,451. Residential foreclosures were 901 last month. There was not change from March.

3. The residential REO properties are sitting at 4,114 vs. last month of 4,597. Down slightly by 483 units from last month! April of 2012 there were 6,711 REO properties, down 39%! Listed REO properties are approximately 932 units and pending are 1300. That tells us that there is approximately 1882 properties that are foreclosed but not yet on the market.

4. short Sales Represent approximately 12.4% of the total sales and REO’s are down to 10%. Normal sSales is at the highest point in the last 5 years. They represent 78% of total sales!!

5. Prices have gone up by 52% Valley Wide since the Market Low August of 2011! If you have clients who were under water in their home, it is a good time to call them! They may not be under water anymore and might want to list with YOU!

Business continues to be strong. We are in a rare opportunity to buy! Interest rates are very low and prices are still low, but rising quickly…REO properties seem to be going away as well as short sales. Please share this with your potential buyers!