The Equity Escrow Advantage

What makes Equity Title unique?  The Equity Escrow Advantage will save your Sellers and Buyers 50% off the escrow fee when the transaction closes with Equity Title Agency. This is a true savings and the rates have been filed and comply with all codes in Arizona. Saving a ton of money is actually just a small part of this great program! You will receive information on the property even before you get a purchase contract… which includes a preliminary title report at no charge. Knowing what liens, judgments and encumbrances are important and lets you troubleshoot potential issues before you have a Buyer. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage?

The undersigned Listing Real Estate Agent authorizes Equity Title Agency to open a file and, if requested below, to prepare a preliminary title report on the property. In order to open the Equity Escrow Advantage, the following language will be placed in the MLS Listing:

“Title work has been started at Equity Title Agency. Buyer and Seller to receive a 50% savings on Escrow Fee if closed with Equity Title Agency.”

Fill out the form below or click here to print.

    I do not require a preliminary title report at this timePlease prepare and deliver to me a preliminary title report